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Tips To Prepare Korean Deep Fried Chicken

Deep fried chicken is appetizing and juicy delight for all chicken lovers! These deep fried pieces are hot and crunchy. The super juicy, moist and flavorful meat having shatteringly crisp crust is mouthwatering. They are fried to golden-brown perfection which looks very palatable.

Rather than using whole chicken, the chicken is cut into pieces and then deep fried. Generally the chicken is coated with a thin layer of batter or crumbs. When crumbs are used for coating, the chicken pieces should be kept aside for on an average 20-30 minutes to dry. If using wet batter coating, then the pieces of chicken can be coated just before deep frying.

Korean deep fried chicken

Follow the given list of tips to prepare Korean deep fried chicken for a crispy and crunchy bite:

  • The pieces of chicken should not be too large, as large pieces are difficult to cook properly. This cooking difficulty results into overcooked outer crust or underdone meat in the core.
  • Heat oil to between 350°F and 375°F.Maintaining temperature of oil is very important. Overheated oil will cook the crust really fast leaving the meat half-cooked and if the oil is at low temperature, then the fried chicken will be greasy/ oily.
  • Do not overcrowd the deep frying pan with many chicken pieces.
  • Cooking the chicken in a deep frying process requires approximately 7-10 minutes, depending upon the size of the chicken pieces. Cook until the color is perfectly golden brown.
  • Remove excess oil from Korean deep fried chicken pieces on a paper towel. The kitchen paper towels absorb excess oil from fried pieces in a minute or two.
  • Use tongs or a spatula instead of a fork for placing chicken pieces into the hot oil. Using fork may result in piercing the chicken pieces. This allows the juices to escape from the chicken and the fried pieces may not be juicy and will be dried out.
  • Use dry utensils or make sure all the utensils are dried before they come in contact with the oil. Upon heating, water will make the oil splatter.
  • Do not cover the fried chicken after the cooking is done. This will result in loss of crispness as the coating will continue to cook under the influence of hot steam.
  • Use farm-fresh chicken for preparation of Korean deep fried chicken.

A Korean deep fried chicken dish is served with tangy Korean inspired sauce. This sauce is extremely flavorful and tasty. Dunking the fried chicken in the sauce is savory-sweet and delicious glee for chicken loving souls. The fried pieces of chicken should be dunk only when ready to eat as the crispness of the coating do not last for long time. So, dunk and serve immediately.

Conclusion: Various different flavors of Korean deep fried chicken are available in the market. These flavors are as good as the original recipe. Depending upon the temptation of your taste buds, try lemon or garlic or tangy spicy or green onion or freaking hot spicy Korean deep fried chicken. These flavors add a twist in the tasty original recipe of fried chicken. Get fresh Korean chicken from the farms of Nenechicken and enjoy the delicious feast.