Taste the Best Fried Chicken dishes of Korea

When we talk about Non-vegetarian food the very first name which comes to our mind is of yummy tasted Chicken main and side dishes. People who are just crazy for Non-Veg food find it hard to imagine their life without Chicken dishes. There is a wide list of the best fried chicken dishes which you will also love to taste.

There are some of the renowned restaurants in Korea, which made a nice place in the hearts of chicken lovers because of their exclusive and tasty chicken dishes. The most popular fried chicken dishes in the food world are:

Best Fried Chicken

Mentioned below are the few of hot ordered dishes asked by the foodies. Take a look what are they:

Chicken Garlic Fry:This is one of the most yummy taste chicken side dishes which every Non-Veg lover will love to taste along with a glass of drink or soft drink. You can taste this sizzling dish while enjoying your favourite movie in your home theatre.

Bulgogi Chicken Fry:Marinated in Ginger-Bulgogi- Chicken in fried style will completely satisfy the taste bud of a food lover and if you are in Korea even as tourists then do not miss the chance to taste this dish. Trust us, you will just love it. Add some sauce to dip and take a bite. It’s Yummy.

Lemon Chicken Fry:If you are fond of lemony, spicy chicken, then it’s must for you taste the lemon chicken fry in some of the reputed restaurants in Korea. The use of right among of lemon juice gives a tempting taste to this dish which anyone will love to enjoy.

Freaking Hot Chicken Fry: In leading restaurants, uses of chicken wings are done in the preparation of this side dish. You can try this out as a starter to give fire to your mood to enjoy a good Non veg meal for the day.

Conclusion: If you are new to Korea and also a great chicken lover then it’s important for you to discover the popular chicken fried dishes. Make sure to try them out from a reputed restaurant only for getting the true flavour of Korea cuisines.

NeNe Chicken is one of the most well-known restaurants in Melbourne and you can book your Best Fried Chicken dish from here for home delivery.


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