The Recipe of Korean Spicy Chicken: Dak Gal Bi

Here is a meat dish that is broadly enjoyed by the Korean community. It is known as Dak Gal Bi. It is a hot chicken dish which is pan fried together with vegetables. It is generally served at dinner times and several times in bars as a side dish to the Korean rice wine. There are a lot of different ways to make Korean spicy chicken, such as by varying the level of sharp taste or adding various vegetables to the dish, while the common vegetables include onions and carrots.

Korean Spicy Chicken

Following is the recipe: Make Delicious Dak Gal Bi

These are some ingredients that you will necessitate to make this dish: yam (or sweet potato), a chicken, carrots, Korean chilli paste, an onion, Korean chilli pepper powder, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, honey, sugar, and black pepper.

The primary thing you are needed do is prepare the chicken. Sanitize the chicken and chop all the meat. Throw aside the leftover fat and bones that you won’t require. Bring the chunks of chicken as well as cut them into tiny pieces. Leave them in the side for now.

Afterward, take the chilli pepper powder, chilli paste, garlic, soy, sesame oil, sauce, honey, sugar, and black pepper then make yourself a immerse for the chicken. The extents of the dish are up to you since I don’t know how much spice you like the dish. After you end up making your marinade, place your chopped chicken in, make certain all the chicken is uniformly coated, and let it get settled for a fine 10 to 15 minutes.

When the chicken is marinating, chop the yam like the fry shaped pieces, and cut up the onions and carrots into tiny pieces.

Once the chicken is completed marinating, take a pan on medium high and begin cooking the yummy chicken. As the chicken has cooked for around 10 minutes, put in the vegetables. Continue to cook and stir until the Korean Spicy chicken is made.

Although this method is very vague on the amount you put of each ingredient, it is for the reason that it all relies on the eater’s acceptance level of spiciness. After you completely master how to make Spicy Korean Dish (Dak Gal Bi), you can teach your family and friends how to make this dish. Nene Chicken is the best place for such kind of delicious and awesome foods.


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