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Treat Yourself With Lip Smacking Hot Fried Chicken

Hot fried chicken recipes are generally associated with Korea, as the Korean cuisine is known for using the distinctive concoction of exclusive spices and herbs in one dish for fine, multifarious flavors, which make the dish good to eat. Below mentioned is the recipe of Hot Fried Chicken in a very simple manner so that you can try at home and make your family happy with a scrumptious recipe.



• Chicken meat

• Milk

• Egg

• Flour

• Vegetable oil

• Salt and pepper

1. Firstly notice that that meat pieces are not of large size, if you feel so, then cut them into small. It will not only make them easy to cook and simpler to eat but will cook fast in less oil. Only by cutting them into small pieces, the dish will become healthier.

2. Wash with cold water, rinse the meat thoroughly, and dry them by putting on a towel. This will help you to thrust aside any bone portion that is remained after chopping. Suddenly a bone fragment comes in your mouth while enjoying your hot fried chicken; this will positively ruin the absolute experience.

3. Now mix the milk and egg together and put the chicken pieces into this mixture. You have to leave it like this for at least few hours or overnight will be better. This will help the milk to mix with meat scrupulously.

4. Mix the flour with pepper and salt, if you like spicy food, then you can mix different herbs and spices that depend upon the taste.

5. Cover the chicken pieces with the flour mixture. Ensure that all the pieces are dredged with flour evenly. Now quickly dunk these pieces into the milk and again cover with the flour. Now the chicken pieces are ready to be fried in hot oil.

6. Take a frying pan or deep fryer or skillet and heat up the oil in it. Before frying always makes sure that the oil is hot enough otherwise, the chicken pieces will remain uncooked. If you heat up the oil too much, then the pieces will be burnt. So, you have to be very careful while heating up the oil. If you think the oil is ideally hot, then put the pieces into the oil bit by bit.

Continue to fry the chicken until you see it turn into golden brown color. Carefully observe that all the sides of a chicken piece are evenly cooked. Once, you feel it ready, and then put them on a kitchen paper or paper napkin to drain away the extra oil. Serve it with sauce quickly whilst it is hot and enjoys your dish with your friends and family.

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