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The Cultural Reflection Added to Korean Food

Every culture has their own traits which makes them stand unique in other cultures, this goes same for the food also. For famous culture, when you talk about the food, then there might be one dish or specialty that came into your mind. Same goes for Korean culture as well, there are many food items in the Korean foods which has gained a lot of name among the food enthusiasts and tourists.

Since centuries, the Koreans are mostly eating sea food, products in the mountains and fields. Their food cuisine is exotic and special. The amount of spice used in Korean food is what makes them different than other cuisines. The cuisines are generally spicy, they basically use soy sauce, red pepper, garlic, green onion, bean past, sesame, wine and vinegar are some of the ingredients. There are lot of side dishes also in Korean cuisine which includes the favorite kimchi, broiled beef, bean paste soup, and fish with steamed vegetables. A complete exotic Korean cuisine includes the dishes like steamed rice, grilled fish, vegetable dishes, soup, kimchi and steamed short ribs and the whole cuisine is called Hanjoungshik.


Like food, the table manners are also a unique feature of Korean culture. You must know these intrinsic things, if you ever got a chance to eat in Korean restaurant or with Korean People in their local gathering anytime in future. For eating utensils, they use spoon and chopsticks. The spoon is used to scoop the rice and the side dishes are getting eat with chopsticks. Using both utensils in one time together is considered as bad manners. Usually high and low tables are used for the dining. These table shave a beautiful decorations and shapes and the high tables are getting their importance back in the Korean homes which has faded some years ago

Korean culture has their own specialty of have multiple eating settings which include street vendors, small restaurants and the formal one which offer full Korean cuisine. You can even find the corners which offer the fast food Korean dishes. You might not want to give a tip, because it is not a custom in the country.

In their meal, there is no culture of offering anything to drink, but you can have barley tea and water along with the food. But when it especially comes to drink there are lot of the beverages options available. Some of the common beverages includes the tea and coffee and the famous soju which is one of the alcoholic drink served in Korean culture.

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