Grilled Tasty Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings

When it comes to Spicy Chicken Wings, every foodie person swears by it. The Buffalo wings is a staple food item in every possible menu in popular restaurants. Some people like to dine them in restaurant, while some prefer to cook them at home. Some like it deep fried, while some like it grilled. The grill imparts that extra smoky and charcoal flavour and easy to use just as a regular fryer. Various toppings can be used with them as every things tastes good with them. Chipotle sauce is consumed a lot with it. It tastes heavenly. Selection of beer is also important to multiply the taste of the wings.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Grilled Hot Wings: Ingredients really play a key role here, when you want your wings to shout loud. For this, we are going to need some big sized chicken, garlic powder, onion powder, a can full of chipotle with adobe sauce & some goldeny honey.

When you are about to start cooking open the can of the sauce. In a blender, add 1/4th cup of honey, complete can of the sauce you just opened, a spoonful of garlic & chilli powder with some salt. Blend them all in a smooth fine paste. Empty the blender in a small container. Put the container on the gas & turn on the heat. Heat it until it is hot enough to melt some cubes of butter. After adding & melting butter the sauce is complete.

Season the Spicy Chicken Wings with the dry ingredients like, chilli powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper & onion powder. Allow the chicken wings to sit for a while so they absorb all the marinade imparting wonderful flavour to them. Now, the racks and set the grill on a medium heat. Heat the grill for minimum 10 minutes before starting the wings to grill.

Close the lid of the grill once you place them in. But don’t leave the place, because it gets done quickly. You barely need 5-7 minutes for each side. Once cooked from both the sides, turn the heat low & start brushing the sauce you prepared on both the sides. The sauce which contains honey (sugar) starts getting caramelized & imparts wonderful texture & taste to your wings. Ensure that the wings are not cooked too much on any one side, otherwise it will start burning.

These wings taste like heaven. Trust me; you will like them more than your traditional store bought wings. The important thing is they are homemade. Eat something that will cool down your mouth. It could be either cold beer with crusty bread or blu cheese with celery. Choice is yours.


Let your taste buds go delighted with the Melbourne Korean restaurant

The city of Melbourne has delightfully welcomed the Korean dishes to enjoy the taste and flavor of Korea with the opening of Melbourne Korean Restaurant.

There are only a few people who don’t like to eat Korean dishes. Rather, a maximum number of people prefer to taste different items from a diverse country and culture to get rid of the monotony of eating the same food daily. This is how any food receives its global acceptance. Similarly, the Korean foods have also occupied a certain position through some Korean restaurants in Melbourne.

Melbourne Korean Restaurant

Some Famous Korean Foods: Many Korean foods have become famous in Melbourne because of its taste and healthy making process. The famous items of chicken are mostly preferred by the foodies who are looking for an immense taste.

The dishes are –

  • Swicy chicken
  • Freaking hot chicken
  • Bulgogi chicken
  • Garlic chicken
  • Lemon Chicken  and a lot more.

Specialty of Korean Foods: The Korean soups are made in some special way so that they usually taste different from other soups. The deep-fried dishes are also enough tasty to satisfy the taste buds which seemed to be unforgettable. If you want to let your taste buds go delighted visit the top rated Korean restaurants.

Benefits of Korean Restaurants in Melbourne:

  • The Korean foods usually flavor good so it helps various communities’ people to change their tastes.
  • There are some kinds of people who love to explore dissimilar tang. The flavor of the Korean cuisines satisfies their taste buds immensely.
  • The Korean cuisines are quite easy to prepare. So, adding them to the menu is not very tough. Rather, they snatch the Korean community in Melbourne to have the taste of their land.Thus, the Melbourne Restaurant makes a considerably profitable business.

The popularity of such cuisines is satisfying the food lovers with the success saga of its delightful taste.

Nene Chicken is a renowned Melbourne Korean Restaurant in the city to present authentic Korean dishes, which undoubtedly satisfy anybody looking for food items with different and unique tastes.

Taste the Best Fried Chicken dishes of Korea

When we talk about Non-vegetarian food the very first name which comes to our mind is of yummy tasted Chicken main and side dishes. People who are just crazy for Non-Veg food find it hard to imagine their life without Chicken dishes. There is a wide list of the best fried chicken dishes which you will also love to taste.

There are some of the renowned restaurants in Korea, which made a nice place in the hearts of chicken lovers because of their exclusive and tasty chicken dishes. The most popular fried chicken dishes in the food world are:

Best Fried Chicken

Mentioned below are the few of hot ordered dishes asked by the foodies. Take a look what are they:

Chicken Garlic Fry:This is one of the most yummy taste chicken side dishes which every Non-Veg lover will love to taste along with a glass of drink or soft drink. You can taste this sizzling dish while enjoying your favourite movie in your home theatre.

Bulgogi Chicken Fry:Marinated in Ginger-Bulgogi- Chicken in fried style will completely satisfy the taste bud of a food lover and if you are in Korea even as tourists then do not miss the chance to taste this dish. Trust us, you will just love it. Add some sauce to dip and take a bite. It’s Yummy.

Lemon Chicken Fry:If you are fond of lemony, spicy chicken, then it’s must for you taste the lemon chicken fry in some of the reputed restaurants in Korea. The use of right among of lemon juice gives a tempting taste to this dish which anyone will love to enjoy.

Freaking Hot Chicken Fry: In leading restaurants, uses of chicken wings are done in the preparation of this side dish. You can try this out as a starter to give fire to your mood to enjoy a good Non veg meal for the day.

Conclusion: If you are new to Korea and also a great chicken lover then it’s important for you to discover the popular chicken fried dishes. Make sure to try them out from a reputed restaurant only for getting the true flavour of Korea cuisines.

NeNe Chicken is one of the most well-known restaurants in Melbourne and you can book your Best Fried Chicken dish from here for home delivery.

Tips To Prepare Korean Deep Fried Chicken

Deep fried chicken is appetizing and juicy delight for all chicken lovers! These deep fried pieces are hot and crunchy. The super juicy, moist and flavorful meat having shatteringly crisp crust is mouthwatering. They are fried to golden-brown perfection which looks very palatable.

Rather than using whole chicken, the chicken is cut into pieces and then deep fried. Generally the chicken is coated with a thin layer of batter or crumbs. When crumbs are used for coating, the chicken pieces should be kept aside for on an average 20-30 minutes to dry. If using wet batter coating, then the pieces of chicken can be coated just before deep frying.

Korean deep fried chicken

Follow the given list of tips to prepare Korean deep fried chicken for a crispy and crunchy bite:

  • The pieces of chicken should not be too large, as large pieces are difficult to cook properly. This cooking difficulty results into overcooked outer crust or underdone meat in the core.
  • Heat oil to between 350°F and 375°F.Maintaining temperature of oil is very important. Overheated oil will cook the crust really fast leaving the meat half-cooked and if the oil is at low temperature, then the fried chicken will be greasy/ oily.
  • Do not overcrowd the deep frying pan with many chicken pieces.
  • Cooking the chicken in a deep frying process requires approximately 7-10 minutes, depending upon the size of the chicken pieces. Cook until the color is perfectly golden brown.
  • Remove excess oil from Korean deep fried chicken pieces on a paper towel. The kitchen paper towels absorb excess oil from fried pieces in a minute or two.
  • Use tongs or a spatula instead of a fork for placing chicken pieces into the hot oil. Using fork may result in piercing the chicken pieces. This allows the juices to escape from the chicken and the fried pieces may not be juicy and will be dried out.
  • Use dry utensils or make sure all the utensils are dried before they come in contact with the oil. Upon heating, water will make the oil splatter.
  • Do not cover the fried chicken after the cooking is done. This will result in loss of crispness as the coating will continue to cook under the influence of hot steam.
  • Use farm-fresh chicken for preparation of Korean deep fried chicken.

A Korean deep fried chicken dish is served with tangy Korean inspired sauce. This sauce is extremely flavorful and tasty. Dunking the fried chicken in the sauce is savory-sweet and delicious glee for chicken loving souls. The fried pieces of chicken should be dunk only when ready to eat as the crispness of the coating do not last for long time. So, dunk and serve immediately.

Conclusion: Various different flavors of Korean deep fried chicken are available in the market. These flavors are as good as the original recipe. Depending upon the temptation of your taste buds, try lemon or garlic or tangy spicy or green onion or freaking hot spicy Korean deep fried chicken. These flavors add a twist in the tasty original recipe of fried chicken. Get fresh Korean chicken from the farms of Nenechicken and enjoy the delicious feast.

Enjoy wonderful Korean delicacies

Food is one of the delicacies to satisfy the taste of the tongue. There are many varieties of food with different taste. The world of food is known as gourmet. Some of the foods dishes are known for their spiciness.

Korean cuisines
Restaurant is a place where an individual or group of individual can get together and have a taste of different varieties of food. Food served at a restaurant depends on the culture or theme that they follow. It can be Chinese, Indian, Mexican or Korean. Korean Cuisine has gone through many evolutions through passage of time and due to social and political changes. “Korean Restaurant in Melbourne” follows the follows the traditional ways of Korean cuisine, which basically comprises of rice, vegetable and meats along with sides dishes. Dishes made from the meat as well as side dishes are quite spicy and Korean people are known for their love of spicy food. Kimchi is one of the dish wish is served along with the main dish in Korean restaurant.

Melbourne Korean Restaurant

Mouth licking spread of Korean dishes in restaurants
Melbourne’s Korean Restaurant” are spread out evenly and quite known for their taste and sustaining the authentic atmosphere of Korean culture. When an individual goes to a restaurant food is one of the main things he is looking forward to but them also trends for atmosphere and service they provide. “Melbourne Korean Restaurant” are also known for the medicinal food of Korean dish which mainly consist of Chicken, black goat, beef bones, dog, pig kidney’s and ginseng.

Summer Korean dishes
Which are mostly consume during summer time, as it is believed consuming those kind of food will sustain their sexual and physical stamina and also restore their ki energy. Samgyetang is a chicken dish which is arranged from whole chicken stuffed with ginger, sweet rice and garlic. It is consumed during the hottest day of the year. With Korean food liquor also known as soju is consume. One can enjoy at nenechicken the real Korean dish back in Melbourne by visiting ample of restaurants that give real authentic taste and retell stories of Korea.

Once try Korean Fried Chicken and you will try it again and again

Has it been so long since you have tried something very delicious and mouth watering? Yes, then now you should try Korean friend chicken. Its smell is only enough to increase your hunger. Maybe your favorite restaurant doesn’t serve this dish, but it does not mean that Korean Fried Chicken is not available in Melbourne.

Korean Chicken Melbourne offers the best in the city. You can have it on very affordable prices. This Korean cuisine is really amazing as it is prepared and served. Many people get impressed with its smell and they can’t stop themselves from trying this dish. So if you have smelled it in a party or event, then go for it now and get it in Melbourne.

Korean chicken Melbourne

You would like to have it again and again:

There are only a few cuisines, which people love to eat more and more. Korean fried chicken in one of those cuisines because its crunchy taste makes is the best appetizer. You can try it in many ways. It depends on the restaurant that how they serve this dish. Some prepare it according to main Korean recipe and some try to improvise by adding some new ingredients and spices in it.

By the way, first you should try Korean Chicken Melbourne that is prepared right according to Korean recipe. It is quite delicious and enjoyable. People visit restaurant with whole family to enjoy this delicious cuisine. If it is not possible for you to visit the restaurant and take pleasure of this dish, then placing online order would be the best choice for you. Restaurants in Melbourne offers home delivery of cuisines you want to eat. You can place the order from your office or home and get the dish at your door.